Welcome to Sanskriti Qatar

Welcome to Sanskriti Qatar

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Sanskriti Office bearers during 2014 to 2016 01 K.K Sankaran (General Secretary) 02 Laleel Kavil (President) 03 Gopalakrishnan (Secretary) 04 Muhammadali (V.President) 05 Sivanandan (Treasurer) 06 Sivadasan (Secretary) 06 Santhosh (V.President) . Executive Members Name...


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What goes into a blog post? Helpful, industry-specific content that: 1) gives...
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Sanskriti Office bearers during 2014 to 2016


K.K Sankaran (General Secretary)


Laleel Kavil (President)


Gopalakrishnan (Secretary)


Muhammadali (V.President)


Sivanandan (Treasurer)


Sivadasan (Secretary)


Santhosh (V.President)


Executive Members

01.  P.N. SAMEER SIDDIQUE55801460
02. P. N. BABURAJAN55532367
04. K.K.SANKARAN55835097
05. AHAMMED KUTTY55814091
06. A.K.JALEEL55880430
08. SUDHEER E.M55859609
09. M.T.MUHAMMED ALI 55315627
10.  SANTHOSH . U.T.P55717079
11.  P. VIJAYAKUMAR55385074
12.  BABU MANIYOOR33600614
14.  SREEDHARAN.N.P55390104
15.  SHIVANANDAN55502893
16.  C.K. BALAN55373546
17.  SUNNY.P.K55886150
18.  NASEER .K.A55646396
19.  RAVI MANIYOOR55269083
20.  VIJAYAN ADOOR55209100
21.  MADUSOODHANAN66583475
22.  A. SUNIL KUMAR66683986
24.  SASIDARAN55549458
25.  SANTHOSH .O.K55428328
26.  MANAF55390010
27.  MUSTHAFA55284158
28.  SABITH SAHEER33163774
29.  ANANDAN55221426
30.  SHAMSEER55978668
31.  VENUGOPAL.C77494768
33.  K.C. JAMES55508742
34.  ASHOKAN K.V55267768
35. ASHOKAN KP55493129
36.PRADEEP KUMAR55206998
37.SATHEESAN. E.P55493946
38.PREM NAVAS55357880
39.RAJAN THAMPI55484201
40.  SHAJI.K.P55256483
41.  SAISH KUMAR55521390
42. SHAMMY GAFOOR33403151
43.  KOYA.K.K77352650
44.  PRABAKARAN .A.P.K66564044
45.  RAJAN.P. 33346820
47.  CLETUS ALFRED55793960
48.  SUHAS33310380
49.  OMANAKUTTAN33891609
50.  BAIJU33071497
51.  SANJAYAN55893169
52.  JIJESH55078210
53.  ARUN RAJ77186856
54.  YOUNUS K.K55180070
55.  BINU MATHEW55100089
56.  USMAN66438992
57.  SIRAJ
58.  DR. CHANDRAHASAN33600615
59.  SARUN MANI33835730
60.  ABDUSSALAM55012375
61.  SURAJ MATTANNUR33128089
62.  BINDU PRADEEP55206095
63.  NISHA ANANDAN55497885
64.  PRABA MADU33511562

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Conduct Seminars related to health and blood group diagnosis, organize blood donor campaigns, extend medical and financial assistance to needy members of the Organizations. We also take active front line role in providing necessary guidelines to the members who require medical assistance, either in Qatar or back home.

Art and Socio-cultural Activities

Sanskriti had been regularly conducting Lectures, Seminars and Symposiums on relevant, contemporary issues ever since its formation. The organization have always ensured the participation of Socio-cultural activists of repute, leading literary figures and academic pundits to lead such activities. Further, we have focused on inviting and promoting talented artists who perform and propagate Kerala’s traditional dance, music forms and folk lore arts which face the threat of extinction. By doing so, Sanskriti intends to promote such artists and art forms amongst the expatriate community members and their family members.
Conduct art and literary competition amongst expatriate community members to nurture and expose their latent literary skills. Sanskriti also celebrates traditional festivals such as Onam and Christmas apart from its own annual celebrations to maximize the meaningful participation of its members in various cultural programs conducted during such occasions.

Benevolent Forum

Philanthropic and Charitable Activities

Sanskriti donates Irs.100,000 to the families of its registered members who unfortunately die while in Qatar. Apart from it, we also lend assistance to the kith and kin of the bereaved members to ensure their rehabilitation.
Sanskriti also lends a helping hand to the victims of natural disasters such as Tsunami or Earth Quake or to the victims of man-made disasters such as those of Endosulfan spraying in the plantation areas of Kasargode, Kerala.

Sports & Games

Sanskriti have always been at the forefront of participating in various Inter-Organizational or Inter-District Sports and Games Competitions in Qatar. We have also considered it as an invaluable opportunity to instill in its’ members, the importance of leading a sporting way of life and the benefits of participating in mentally/physically stimulating sports and games. Sanskrit have also taken initiatives in organizing such events on their own.

Cinema Forum

Sanskriti believes that watching classic movies can be both inspirational and transformational to the mankind. To instill awareness on world classics and to enhance the exposure of our members, we have regularly screened international films through our Film Club since —-. We had held a Cine Festival at Doha Cinema in —- in the memory of noted literary figure, Shri. CV Sriraman. The Festival drew warm accolades from from the connoisseurs of Classic movies socio-cultural activists living in Qatar.

Hand Written Magazines

Our Mansoura and Najma units have released hand written literary magazines namely “Mizhi” and “Garshom” The magazines have been widely read by the community members and its contents discussed over relevant literary gatherings.

Kalikkoottam (Playgroups)

In order to enrich the awareness and to nourish the inherent talents of the children of our organization, we have a group which is fondly named “Kalikkootam” (Playgroup). We also conduct on stage impromptu performances, Camps and Classes to promote their talents on a periodic basis.

Women’s Wing

Sanskriti’s Ladies’ wing was formed with a view to identify and enhance the social skills and talents of our lady members. Ever since formative days, our ladies have been literally leading from the front by conducting socio-cultural programs apart from holding Seminars on health, life style and parenting.

Oratory Series

Sanskriti always had clear perception in regards to the direction that it should adopt so as to serve the community in an effectively different way.
This is precisely the reason why it chose to bring in socio-cultural activists and literary activists from India to hold Seminars and Symposiums on relevant, contemporary issues that concern Indian Community.

Sanskriti had already caught the attention of the Organizations and activists in Qatar ever since the first series of lectures participated by Shri. K N Panicker, a reputed historian and academic, drew to a close. Sanskriti later went on to conduct intellectually stimulating yet socially relevant series of speeches which were marked and blessed by the participation of renowned socio-cultural figures, literary artists and Scientists of Kerala, amongst whom some of the most prominent were Prof. M N Vijayan, K.E.N. Kunhammed, Dr. V.R.G Menon, Prof. Ninan Koshy, Prof. MM Narayanan, Shri. Cheriyan Philip, Prof. V. Aravindakshan, Shri. Vaisakhan, Dr. B. Iqbal, Dr. Sebastian Paul, Adv. T.K. Hamza, Dr. K S David, Shri. Rashid Kanichery and Dr. K T Jaleel. Sanskriti shall continue such enlightening lectures in the
future as well.

Sanskriti had conducted a Lecture Series named “Social Justice and Public Education” headed by Prof. V. Aravindakshan during 2007-8. We had also conducted a Lecture titled “What happens in Culture” by Prof. K E N, an intellectual and social reformer. We had conducted a Psycho analytical study class by noted psychiatrist, Dr. KS David, on the subject “Altering minds of Malayalee”. Yet another lecture titled “Keralam – Now and Then”, led by K.T Jaleel, M L A was held.