Welcome to Sanskriti

Sanskriti, the much discussed and awaited, socio-cultural organization of the progressive population of Indian community, was formally inaugurated back in August 4, 1994, by the then Hon. Finance Minister of the State of Kerala, Shri. T. Sivadasa Menon, in a memorable function held at the Indian Cultural Center (ICC) auditorium in Doha.

During his inaugural address, Shri. Menon had highlighted and emphasized on the need to nurture genuine concern for the less fortunate, fellow expatriates. Later, he went on link intricately, the fine relation between our slogan, that is “concern for others” and its inevitable association with the “Sanskriti” (cultural and traditional identity) of India, our great nation with diverse yet unique and harmonious socio-cultural identity. 

Apart from conducting socio-cultural activities, Sanskriti had always been at the forefront when it comes to conducting charitable and humanitarian activities for the less fortunate expatriates, brief of which is mentioned on the latter half of this fore note.

Incidentally, Sanskriti is also one of those few expatriate organizations in Qatar which has consistently liaised and effectively solved complex labour issues of expatriate labour class and home maids amongst others. Our members had also been active in delivering timely assistance to the expatriates serving jail terms or to kith and kin of Indian expatriates who meet their death here due to natural causes or in road accidents. 

With more than 5,000 active members/sympathizers, Sanskriti has grown in to one of the most prominent and meaningful organizations in the State of Qatar. The expatriates and local media have recognized that Sanskriti is a socio-cultural with a difference – one which leads by example in issues that indeed matter to the expatriate community and the society we live in.